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Andrew Cooper

Ormston House, in Limerick,plays host to the first showing of Moving Mountains, an exhibition developedin collaboration with Wandelbar Art International artists. Featuring work by artists Andrew Cooper, Harald Reichenbach, Max Roth, Paco Sim n & Zimoun, this is the first leg of the Celtic tour and Moving Mountains will travel to Scotland and Wales throughout 2015.

A mountain stands still and silent. Come closer and the scale changes - what was once distant becomes close and tangible. As time passes, the stones move, the wind lifts the earth, the water works its way through the rocks, light shifts the shapes, and you start to hear it move.

Moving Mountains takes the motif of the mountain as a point of departure and invites visitors to explore notions of time, scale, stillness and movement. The artists use functional materials and simple techniques to explore the rhythm of the landscape creating a suite of playful, interactive, contemplative or meditative artworks. Andrew Cooper s installation, Austerity Measures, tricks the eye in a complex play of line and colour, while Zimoun s acoustic sculptures reverberate a frenetic yet controlled system of beats. Paco Sim n s site-specific work, Mountains in Motion, invites you to crawl through a curving tunnel, while Max Roth and Harald Reichenbach encourage you to stand still and observe. Each with distinct conceptual concerns, from the orderly patterns of Modernism to the chaotic forces of life, the works presented at Ormston House are united by the visual metaphor of the mountain.

The exhibition is open until 18 April 2015



Image: Andrew Cooper, Austerity Measures, 2015