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Glyn Baines, National Eisteddfod Gold Medal Winner for Fine Art Video still of Glyn Baines, National Eisteddfod Gold Medal Winner for Fine Art, in his studio. Courtesy of Pete Telfer.

The National Eisteddfod winners in Fine art and the Applied arts were announced this week.

The National Eisteddfod of Wales is a cultural festival of global standards. The week-long festival brings together people from all ages and backgrounds to enjoy and eclectic mix of music, literature, dance, theatre and art in the picturesque setting of Montgomeryshire and the Marches. It is only fitting then, that the artists who won this year's visual arts competitions are of the same calibre. Out of the 400 applicants, two winners have been selected: Glyn Baines for fine art and Rhian Haf for applied art.

Baines and Haf take centre stage this week at the Eisteddfod 'Y Lle Celf' exhibition in The Art Space. This year's announcement is particularly special as Baines, at 84-years-old, is the oldest Eisteddfod art prize winner to date.

Rhian Haf, National Eisteddfod Winner of Applied Arts Video still of Rhian Haf, National Esiteddfod Gold Medal Winner for Applied Art, in her studio. Courtesy of Pete Telfer.

Pete Telfer had the opportunity to meet and engage with the two gold medallists in their studios; he filmed Baines and Haf at work, observing how their award-winning creative processes develop. To watch the interviews click on the links above.

Baines and Haf now join the ranks of previous Eisteddfod winners such as Shani Rhys James and Tim Davies. This year, the pair's work will show alongside other Welsh artists who practise both fine and applied arts; among these are Ruth Harries and Carwyn Evans. The show brings together all the finest creative outpourings of Welsh artists.

As well as encouraging the appreciation, understanding and promotion of collecting artwork, while celebrating ingenuity and dedication, the exhibition at The Art Space offers a mirror to the visual arts in Wales.

'Y Lle Celf' at The National Eisteddfod of Wales 2015 runs until 8 August 2015