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The new show opening this week at MOSTYN is by French artist Camille Blatrix. His first UK exhibition, titled No School, loosely refers to the teen movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off and will feature works by the artist and his ceramist mother and (former artist) father, Doroth e Loriquet and Fran ois Blatrix, together with scenography by Camille Blin.


 Un ticket pour la suite 2014 (A ticket for later) Courtesy Balice Hertling, Paris Camille Blatrix NiNa (2014) Mahogany, wood marquetry, aluminum, silver, glass and tamper proof screws and MDF Exhibition view: Un ticket pour la suite 2014 (A ticket for later) Courtesy Balice Hertling, Paris

The exhibition is a eulogy of sorts, to teenage love, small towns, misspent youth, parents, growing up and looking back. It presents entirely new work by the artist and responds, in part, to Blatrix's visit to MOSTYN and the town of Llandudno in 2014. That trip reminded him of childhood memories and of returning from a large city to a smaller town to visit family and friends. The MOSTYN exhibition text that accompanies the exhibition also includes a letter Blatrix wrote after hearing about the death of musician Nick Talbot, of Bristol band Gravenhurst. The news sent Blatrix off into an imagined teenage world in which he was a local Llandudno boy dating a girl called Diane.

With its spirit of dialogue and collaboration, No School is part of the Conversation Series, a sequence of shows at MOSTYN that brings together two exhibitions in conversation. The intention is to present the dialogue, collaboration or similarity in exploring themes that can occur between artists, and to put this in conversation. To this end, Blatrix has invited his parents to present their own work alongside his own to discuss issues of biography, influence, upbringing and artistic career.

Camille Blatrix won the Prix d'entreprise Ricard for emerging French artists in 2014. For the first time in its 16-year history, the Prize included a solo show outside of France, for which MOSTYN was selected. The Ricard Prize winner for 2015 (yet to be announced) will be shown in LA, pushing the Ricard's intent to promote French artists internationally. Since winning the prize in 2014, Blatrix has also exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo, Centre Pompidou, and the SculptureCenter, New York

Exhibition Dates: 18 July 1 November 2015

Preview: Friday 17 July 2015 6.30pm