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PERICLO the contemporary art strand of Oriel Wrecsam presents a new group show, Supermarket Sweep: Bonus Road

 Bonus Road opens at PERICLO in January Supermarket Sweep: Bonus Road opens at PERICLO tomorrow

The exhibition, curated by Owain McGilvary and Yan White, will feature works from six artists: Beth Fox, McGilvary/White, Joe Fletcher Orr, Lucia Quevedo, Jack Strange, Kate Turner and Alex McNamee. Supermarket Sweep: Bonus Road joins these six practices, each holding connections to what we see in our trip to the supermarket. Referencing the 90s TV show, the exhibition explores our experience of the everyday encounter and collectively touches on the impact of consumerism and theatricality of the supermarket.

The group show is the third offering from Oriel Wrecsam's PERICLO contemporary art space a space with a taste for experimentation and risk.

James Harper, the young but accomplished curatorial brain behind PERICLO told CCQ: "You could say OW is taking a risk by starting PERICLO and knowing that a lot of people are not necessarily going to be into what we're programming at first. What's important is how we convey what we're doing and how we engage with people. The signs so far are very positive..."

Harper reveals what is to come for this exciting new platform and its programme in an interview with CCQ in our most recent issue, which can be read below:

Supermarket Sweep: Bonus Road will run from 9 January 20 February 2016 at PERICLO, Oriel Wrecsam. All welcome for the private view at 6pm on 8 January.