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Pete Goodridge died on Thursday morning last week at the age of 61. He has been important to the visual arts and crafts in Wales for many years. His company ArtWorks has transported artwork throughout the UK and beyond. One of the artists who relied on the service provided by Pete and ArtWorks is the painter Clive Hicks Jenkins who wrote a post online about his friendship and with permission we copy it here. 

I am knocked sideways by the death of Pete Goodridge. I know that many are. He'd phoned just before we left for Spain, calling to speak with Peter, who was out, which of course didn't deter him from talking for an hour so we could set the world to rights. He'd been my go-to man recently when I was figuring out how to get a stack of work to the Lotte Inch Gallery in York, and as always, had been able to figure how to piggyback the delivery on another job to save me the cost of a dedicated van. Pete never failed me. He crated paintings for overseas buyers and set them safely on their journeys. He delivered large and heavy works to collectors and then safely hung them in their homes. He stored the contents of my studio for eighteen months when we were between houses. There was a memorable occasion when I was struggling with a gallery proving tardy in organising the pick-up of a large amount of work I'd promised for an exhibition. Frustrated and on the verge of pulling out of it, I shared my worries with Pete who actually contacted the people to tell them how to go about the business of collecting the paintings, explaining in detail everything they'd need, from the blankets to wrap the frames to the ferry-times and routes to my studio. He was a star. So every day since his death has felt odd, as though some of the oxygen has been sucked out of the room, and some of the fun has gone out of life.

Pete was the most extraordinary mover and shaker in the arts in Wales. He was a wonderful ceramist and an in insightful curator. He was also the founding director of ArtWorks, an art and exhibition logistics company based just outside Abergavenny. Pete and his team have long provided the the primary carrying service of artworks for Welsh artists and institutions. ArtWorks has transported my paintings for over twenty years in the UK and abroad, and I am just one of many. Recently Pete was one of the panel of advisors on the Roger Cecil exhibition that Peter curated, currently showing at MoMA Machynlleth. Our thoughts are with Pete's wife Mel and with their family. CHJ

Ruthin Craft Centre put out a statement on Friday which ended with the following paragraph.

Pete was a larger than life character, and not just his height of six foot six; he connected with so many people, he loved what he did (give him a phone, preferably two, and he could solve any logistical nightmare), he was unique. It is difficult to comprehend what's happened, Pete was just such a big part of the Ruthin exhibitions experience. Very, very sad ... RCC