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It's the end for THE END IS BY YUR!

For the last month, Swansea’s elysium gallery has been hosting THE END IS BY YUR, a joint innovation between ShellShock theatre group and the gallery as part of the elysium’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

The exhibition has featured nearly 50 artists from across the UK, with events and immersive performances in the gallery and around Swansea city centre during the month of March.

The theme is death.... ShellShock artistic director Stephen Donnelly explains: “The ShellShock team regularly ponder notions of reality and religion, so it seemed about time that we launched a creative expedition into the afterlife. For many of us, death is a taboo topic that has the power to summon our fears and lead us to the darker places in our minds. But after running several smaller projects on grief and remembrance we realised that people are very willing to discuss the ins and outs of how they view the universe and their place in it. Essentially, the conversation always leads back to how one chooses to live.”

However, Stephen added, it’s not been all doom and gloom. "The opening night featured an eclectic celebration of the afterlife with a bit of everything going on - photography, film, stand-up, dance and surprise performances. Acts range from the ethereal to the downright confusing."

The final day is tomorrow, Saturday 25th March with a whole range of performances and events celebrating a (Satur)day of the dead - check out the details on elysium's website.