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Jon Pigott and Ingrid Murphy

Curated by ceramicists Zoe Preece and Dr. Natasha Mayo, The Sensorial Object exhibition brings together nine artists whose work explores the sense experience through the materiality of things in various intriguing and beautiful ways . The exhibition invites the viewer to question 'how do we sensate the world around us?'. An underlying theme in the exhibition emerges through the familiar, domestic object. Digital technologies, combined with more established traditions of ceramics, textiles and glass, push the boundaries and test the ability of materiality to both trigger and illuminate sensory connection from sight, sound, touch, smell and even taste.

Ingrid Murphy and Jon Piggot, tutors at Cardiff Metropolitan University, have merged ceramic forms, dazzling gold lustre and electronics to resonate sound. Inspired by the objects and processes surrounding them in their bustling environment, Murphy and Piggot have striven to expose particular traits of the materials. Anne Gibbs, a recipient of one of this year's Arts Council of Wales Creative Wales Awards,has been drawn to the tactile qualities of her materials. Gibbs states: "I want to draw and create forms with the pins to particularly focus on the sense of touch."

Anne Gibbs

The exhibition captured the interest of international artist Funda Susamoglu. Based in Turkey, Funda sees the studio as, "Equivalent to the space that you open up in your mind, where the table, apron, tools and materials become main characters." The exhibition catalogue is packed with further insights into the creative process and of sensory musings by invited academics in areas including dance, music, psychology and anthropology. From its curatorial beginnings The Sensorial Object has evolved into a multi-layered, cross-disciplinary research project that has the potential to continue to grow following its launch at Craft in the Bay.

Elaine Sheldon

The Sensorial Object opens on Saturday 17 Januarycontinues until 08 March 2015.

Artists: Ainsley Hillard, Emma Rawson, Anne Gibbs, Jon Piggot & Ingrid Murphy, Zoe Preece, Funda Susamoglu, Elaine Sheldon

Images shown (top to bottom): Ingrid Murphy/Jon Pigott, Anne Gibbs, Elaine Sheldon


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