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Is Technology Eating My Brain????, Paul Granjon flyer Do you ever feel that you can't keep up with technological progress? Could you live without your smartphone? Have you ever taken a consumer electronics item apart? What would you do if electricity stopped? Does digital stimulation make your brain better or worse? Do you prefer people or machines?

A project and exhibition by Cardiff-based artist Paul Granjon with a group of participants at Watermans in London until 03 June 2014

The work of artist Paul Granjonrepeatedly raises questions about our relation to technology or, in his own words, about the co-evolution of humans and machines. He makes robots and other electro-mechanical-digital devices that home-in on current trends of gadgetry and techno-social aspects of our daily lives. Granjon's current interests are in creative technology approaches to low-impact living, electronic-waste upcycling, social dynamics for alternative futures and artificial creatures.

Taking place within London's Anxiety Arts Festival, Is technology eating my brain? is a platform for reflection, dialogue and construction. Granjon's seven weeks residency/exhibition at Watermans will combine regular sessions with a group of local participants and an ongoing deployment of new work in the gallery space.

Granjon will create new work on site that will tap into creative upcycling, automated environments, cyber-botanic symbiosis, artificial creatures and a general sense of science fiction happening.

Launch party May 15th 18:00 - 20:30Open workshop 6th 7th 8th 13th May 14:00 - 17:00

Watermans Arts Centre40 High Street,Brentford,West London, TW8 0DS


NB: Paul Granjon s website is in period of transition