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Tim Skinner, Llosgigwynt Tim Skinner, Llosgigwynt

Newly resident in Aberystwyth, artist Tim Skinner tackles the thorny issue of windfarms.

Over the past 15 years wind farms have continued to emerge within our rural landscapes, their effect on the aesthetics of our countryside has dominated discussions on renewable energies. Many see them as eyesores but video artist Tim Skinner wants to ask the common art question, "Why?" What is it about their visual aesthetics that either compels one to dislike or like them.

Skinner is invitinglocal audiences to engage in discussing their visual dimensions, viewing the wind farms as a moving picture hanging on a wall. All discussions will then be used in creating a sound piece for his video installation, which will be exhibited at Aberystwyth Arts Centre (dates TBA).

If you would like to get involved, or have your own views to share on the visuals of wind turbines please contact Tim through the project blog He was in residence at Aberystwyth Arts Centre (the Heatherwick pods) to the end of May. The project however will be ongoing - Tim has decided to make Aberystwyth his new permanent home, moving from Essex.

Tim Skinner is a new media artist, who explores the boundaries between digital video and painting. He creates mesmeric moving abstracts, exhibiting both nationally and internationally, working with galleries such as the ICA and firstsite. He will be unveiling a new special video installation Under The Glaze Of Hot Press Blue at The Old Spode Factory, Stoke-on-Trent on June 26th .


Tim Skinner (@skinner_tim) Llosgi Gwynt (Burning Wind), (#llosgigwynt) May - June 2015

The project is supported by Arts Council Wales and Aberystwyth Arts Centre