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The Turn of the Screw, Torch Theatre Company

The Torch Theatre Milford Haven06 26 October 2013

The Torch Theatre Company present Henry James tense and atmospheric tale of a governess and her two charges in a new adaptation of James novella by Peter Doran.Doran also directs this psychological tale about the corruption of the innocent. At the heart of the play are two young siblings, Miles and Flora, who are not all that they seem.

Finding two children to play such complex roles proved a difficult challenge for Doran: These are very tough parts to ask a child to play and while we considered looking at the possibility of using some of the very talented local children we have involved in our youth theatre set-up it felt right to look at fully trained actors, straight out of drama school, who can pass very easily as the young children at the heart of this drama .

While the plot very much focuses on the ambiguity of the children the main character is surely their newly appointed Governess who is appointed following the mysterious death of the previous incumbent.

Throughout this tense drama audiences will question whether the children are possessed or whether the Governess is simply losing her mind?

You are advised not to come alone...

Read The Turn of the Screw here

Torch Theatre, St. Peter's Road, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire SA73 2BU

Box office on 01646 695267