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Production Image from Unease

From Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 November, at an undisclosed location, Sinfonia Cymru & Tom Raybould will create will present a multi-layered response to anxiety and unease.

You are right to be afraid of the dark; of being alone and of things you don t understand. Fear is a good thing. Fear is your guide. A group of exemplary classical and contemporary musicians, film and theatre makers present their collections of uneasy sound, image and memory to colour the dark space around you. Because of their associations, technical difficulty, allusions or history each offering represents an aspect of fear to the individual artist. The creative contract is that no one will be allowed to flinch.

Continuing to build on the success of their previous collaborationUnbuttoned , Sinfonia Cymru and Tom Raybould are taking a bold creative leap with the engagement of video artist John Collingswood, theatre director Gerald Tyler and immersive experience producer Alison John to present a swirling celebration of all that creates unease.

Using some of UnButtoned s musical elements along with immersive digital technology to involve the audience in the performance, Unease sets out to discover how an audience can affect the performance space using their own instincts and intuition to guide them.

Participants can expect a heightened sensory experience as they move through the darkened space in close proximity to objects, people and sounds with each decision they make influencing their environment and guiding the performance to create a unique and unpredictable journey.

The musical pairing of BAFTA-winning musician Tom Raybould and dynamic young orchestra Sinfonia Cymru which was described at this year s Bristol Proms asa meeting of minds that seamlessly integrates the rhythmic rigidity of modern electronica with the swaying subtleties of a six-piece chamber orchestra , is once again at heart of November s performances.

Performances are at 7.30pm and 9pm on Wednesday 12, Thursday 13 and Friday 14 November and unfortunately, due to the nature of the performance and location, the events are not wheelchair accessible.

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased for 14 ( 12 concessions) from Chapter Arts Centre by going to their website www.chapter.org/unease or by calling the Chapter Box Office on 029 2030 4400. No age restriction