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We've just released our 11th edition of CCQ magazine, which has posted out to all our artists and contributors, advertisers and supporters. Copies will be on sale later this week at all the usual outlets. Included in this edition are: interviews with Ruby Tingle, David Salle, S Mark Gubb, Joel Andrianomearisoa, Elpida Hadzi-VasilevaFuturefarmers, and Frances Woodley. We've also a pack of covermounted suppositories (!) and paper insert c/o Brotovia's president in waiting A.L. Moore, the latter of which has been commissioned by EMDASH, and both of which are part of Nastio Mosquito's current showing at Chapter, as part of Artes Mundi... and check out our back cover for a special shout out to Adrian Searle.

Ruby Tingle sent us 170 copies of a taster CD of her new album of songs, The Land Is, to give away as well, kindly supported by PAPER in Manchester. We have already sold out of these - our lucky subscribers of course were those first to get them.

Subscriptions are the way forward kids, so you get the full worth of the delight that is CCQ. Make your way to our shop to make sure you don't miss out next time.

Happy reading (and listening) and best wishes for 2017.