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The directors of DOLPH Projects celebrate a year of intimate artist-led exhibitions by responding to the DOLPH Projects brief themselves

Natasha Kahn and Paul Cole began the DOLPH Projects in Streatham a year ago. They started out with a very specific and unique idea as to how the artist-led space would present and curate exhibitions: The DOLPH brief asks artists to be generous, as what it asks of them is intrusive, personal and intimate. DOLPH requires artists to share their innermost thoughts and musings, ideas often hidden away in an artist's mind and preserved as notes to themselves.

As artists themselves, Kahn and Cole are interested in the idiosyncratic thoughts and influences that go onto form artists' later propositions - the how and why of artists's work. DOLPH set out to essentially recreate the artists' head-spaces during the creative process, exhibiting the resulting work alongside.




 No.4, Boring Postcards Series, Natasha Kahn, 2014, Mixed Media on Paper


After turning the spotlight on many artists' psyches over the course of the past year, Kahn and Cole have succumbed to the DOLPH brief themselves in a culmination of this unique way of curating work. For this joint exhibition, titled 'The Directors', Kahn and Cole share the gallery space but are separated by their own mutual inspirations: A structure that is both a nod to the artist Tal R, and a hoarding around a construction site.

The two directors will be giving an artists' talk on Thursday 8 October, unravelling the complex - but somehow, charmingly naive - ideas behind their curatorial methods, as well as discussing their own works and how they responded to DOLPH's tendency to intrude on all aspects of an artist's life and work.

Following 'The Directors', DOLPH will be showing the work of co-founder of Sluice Art Fair, Karl England, in November.



Natasha Kahn and Paul Cole will exhibit their own works at DOLPH in Streatham from 1 October - 10 October 2015



Top image: Turgid Ailments, Paul Cole, 2014 Mixed Media on Paper, 36x29cm