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Chaetophobia (Mercury Cleaners LTD Peckham) by Richard Starbuck, 2015 

Early Warning is Mark Devereux Projects third annual associate members exhibition, showcasing the strength and diversity of its membership, currently comprising over 50 artists. The exhibition was open to submit to all artists, working in any medium, who are members of Mark Devereux Projects. Each year, the changing panel of selectors is made up of artists, curators and writers.

This year s exhibition, Early Warning has been selected by Melissa Hinkin (Artes Mundi), Michelle Bowen (UK Young Artists), and the Directors of &Model Gallery (Derek Horton, James Chinneck and Chris Bloor). The selected artists are Jo Clements, Daisy Forster, James Harper, Gareth Kemp, Darren Nixon, Willow Rowlands, Richard Starbuck, Dickie Webb and Louise Winter.

MDP Associates is Mark Devereux Projects' membership scheme, supporting early-mid career visual artists through a programme of events, opportunities and critical exchange. Working with artists, curators and industry professionals from around the country, MDP Associates encourages dialogue and support through both one-to-one and group sharing.

For further details about Early Warning visit markdevereuxprojects.com.

Launch: Wednesday 16 March, 6-8pm Exhibition continues until: Saturday 2 April

Gallery open: Wednesdays to Saturdays, 2-5pm



Image: Chaetophobia (Mercury Cleaners LTD Peckham) by Richard Starbuck, 2015