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Brendan Stuart Burns, Craft in The Bay

Brendan Stuart Burns explores the Ooze of materiality laced through the natural and man-made world in his new exhibition at Craft in the Bay

As the name implies Ooze has a malleable, fluid quality despite the harsh, jagged edges and fragility of many of the clay forms. There is a strong sense of the tactile in Brendan Stuart Burn's explorations with material. An established artist, working from his studio in Cardiff and with national recognition for his painting including two gold awards at the National Eisteddfod, it was a brave move to apply his passion for landscape to the manipulation of this challenging material and take time to expand his painting and drawing to create an ever more tactile relationship between the viewer and the land that inspires him.

Burns has physically pressed clay into rock faces along the Pembrokeshire coast and captured the scars and indents of time. His installations evoke memories of the raggedness of rock and cliff and the journey along narrow, meandering cliff top paths when exploring this beautiful natural landscape.

Brendan Stuart Burns' installations ooze from the gallery walls at Craft in The Bay Brendan Stuart Burns' installations ooze from the gallery walls at Craft in The Bay

Burns said: "Whilst my subject matter has remained consistent for the past 15 years, I have continued to develop a personal visual language that often plays with the real and the illusionary, the figurative and the abstract. This introduced the possibility where paint, mark and line have exited the canvas and emerged upon the gallery wall. However, the most recent developments have been to use porcelain press moulds taken directly from the cliffs of Pembrokeshire, re-presented as geological folds and rhythms inspired by my walks and journey s on the coastline. These forms avoid the literal and are beginning to encompass drawings, notes, mappings, and photographic imagery silkscreened directly onto the wet clay. This is the beginning of a new body of work, which will use, plinth, wall and floor space to re-present a series of walks from Solva to St Davids."

Brendan Stuart Burns will present his work at Craft in the Bay from 16 January 6 March 2016