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FOLD is pleased to present a new body of work by influential painter Simon Callery  

Simon Callery has created a new body of paintings to be shown at FOLD Gallery in London. They are flat and rectangular the two physical characteristics that define conventional image based painting. However, it is clear from the punctured surfaces and layered structures of these paintings that the artist is recasting the constituent elements of painting and developing convincing alternatives to established conventions.

The large-scale flat paintings on show originate in the landscape where Callery has worked for the last two seasons: Moel y Gaer, Bodfari in North Wales. He created works alongside excavations led by the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Oxford. The impact of this landscape and excavation site on the painting results in a group of works that expose all evidence of the making process as significant features in the completed work. They reveal to the viewer multi-layered external and internal surfaces and voids. These canvasses have been soaked with highly saturated pigments and have been cut and stitched. They are ragged, torn and perforated.

Callery trained at Cardiff School of Art & Design and is currently collaborating with Stefan Gant - a North Walian contemporary artist specialising in drawing - on a project. Callery's work is tied up in the landscapes of Wales from which he draws inspiration. His work will be shown alongside Wallspine (Leaf), 2015, a painting incorporating 125 metres of canvas made with assistance from a team of fine art students from Nottingham Trent University earlier this year.

Simon Callery's solo show, 'Flat Paintings', will be presented at FOLD Gallery in London from 10 October - 14 November


Image: Ferrous, Simon Callery, 2015-16