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This beauty of a poster has been made by Emma Daman Thomas, she be of From Now On, and she along with Mark from Shape Records have come up with this excellent event, The Future is Female. The line up for it is the best, with some of CCQ's fav people. Talks start at 2pm and bands at 6pm, all bringing the focus of women in music to the fore, as the poster says: 'future thinking music and performance from Wales and beyond, with a focus on feminism, gender and identity.'

We're most excited about Lone Taxidermist, but we're biased, as we have her on our new cover of CCQ out this week, oh yes! Check her out here. Other highlights will be Kayla Painter, Accu, Charismatic MegafaunaAdwaith, Silver Stairs of Ketchikan, Shrouk El Attar... oh, what, all of them, yes! And the talks, wowsers, More Baby in my Monitor, a free event, but happening as part of the day, and then also the fab women in tech hub salon, Witcih, led and hosted by the magnificent Bishi, with Jenn Kirby and Miri Kat.

Here's the programme:


14.00 - 15.00 More Baby In My Monitors Please. Free talk (Peilot)

15.00 - 17.30 WITCiH with Bishi, Jenn Kirby, Miri Kat (Theatre)

18.00 Accü (Theatre)

19.15  Kayla Painter (full live AV show. Theatre)

20.00  Silver Stairs of Ketchikan (Peilot)

20.30 Charismatic Megafauna (Theatre)

21.30  Adwaith  (Peilot)

21.00  Shrouk El Attar's Dancing Queer (Caffi)

22.15  Lone Taxidermist (Theatre)

So! What're you waiting for, get to Chapter, or Spillers, buy tickets quick!

Info here: