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Three Sisters, Hanaa Malallah, 2015

DOLPH Projects presents a solo exhibition of work by Hanaa Malallah throughout January

Hanaa Mallalah creates work stemming from the visceral realities of global conflict. Displaced by the Iraq war, Malallah now lives and works in London, often pondering the irony of living in the very country that was at least partially instrumental in engineering the conflict which caused her to flee her home.

For DOLPH Projects, the artist will explore these conflicts using her own 'Ruins' technique; a practice influenced by the destructive "lethal face of war" which manifests in burning, distressing and obliterating materials.

Malallah explains: "To physically taste war is completely different than to experience it second-hand. The first lesson taught by physically tasting war is that ruination is the essence of all being: Death has no meaning and anything solid can be reduced to nothing in seconds. The learning of this process of vanishing, this morphing of matter to dust, of something into nothing, has led me to conclude that ruination, or destruction is hidden de facto in the phenomenon of figuration. Thus, for the last five years explored the space located between figuration and abstraction, between existing and vanishing, a concept which for me also holds deep spiritual meaning."

Malallah will be giving an artist talk on 20 January at 7pm in which she will discuss these techniques further while demonstrating their place in her work and answering questions.

Hanaa Malallah's solo exhibition will be displayed at the DOLPH Projects in London from 14 23 January 2016, opening with a private view on Wednesday 13 January at 6pm



Image: ThreeSisters, Hanaa Malallah, 2015. Multiple layers of burnt cloth and oil on canvas with beaded box, 160 x 160cm. Courtesy of the artist.