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Alfie Strong


PERICLO announces the second show in its inaugural season: Alfie Strong's solo exhibition, Heart Shaped Like a Baseball Bat

PERICLO - as part of Oriel Wrecsam - presents Heart Shaped Like a Baseball Bat, a solo show of new work by visual artist, Alfie Strong, who has exhibited works across Europe. Projecting his dark sense of humour onto the everyday and mundane, Strong often uses folklore and mythology to strengthen his off-kilter viewpoints on the very basic elements of our day-to-day lives.

The exhibition will be separated into two co-inhabiting parts: the first part being an impressionistic set design for a section of unmade, imaginary film about the end of a journey for two glacially transported rocks in a wild Celtic landscape; the second part being a presentation of new work exploring a distracted and misunderstood experience of both everyday, inane objects and human interactions. These works will form a parallel show, sitting amongst theset . The two halves of the exhibition will combine like apparitions of two events in one place from different times.

PERICLO is a platform for risk in contemporary visual art. After the success of Girls - a joint show exhibiting artists Rebecca Gould and Lindsay Mendick in this experimental fledgling space - Alfie Strong's sculptural works promise to be equally riveting.

Heart Shaped Like a Baseball Bat' opens on 6 November and will run until 19 December 2015 at PERICLO, Oriel Wrecsam