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We are the most pleased to release edition no12 of CCQ. We have two covers as well, why not order both, hmmn?

Included in this issue::

Anne Gibb’s fine bone china objects combine with found elements to create delicate assemblages, constructed with a formal rigour.

Anthony Shapland strives to find the spaces between sound and silence, darkness and light, bringing the unnoticed into focus in his films.

Ghanaian performance artist Va Bene Elikem (aka crazinisT artisT) put himself in the line of fire for four years, in an act of extreme empathy.

Photographer Hank Willis Thomas talks about the morality of artistic reappropriation and the absurdity of racial distinctions.

For an unusually personal exhibition at Art Brussels 2017, curators Jens Hoffman and Piper Marshall collected objects with meaning from exhibiting artists to create a modern day wunderkammer.

John Lawrence, the latest Kim Fielding Award recipient, brought a belligerent sun to a skatepark-cum-artspace in Cardiff. He also gives us new piece for print.

Iranian artist Mahmoud Bakshi describes how one film can spark a revolution, and what comes after.

Tess Jaray’s artistic career has spanned six decades. She describes an ever-evolving practice.

In a possibly foolhardy move, artist Egill Sæbjörnsson has invited two trolls to occupy the Icelandic Pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale.

Artists Erkka Nissenen and Nathaniel Mellors collaborate for an irreverent look at Finnish history and identity at the Venice Biennale

Cinzia Mutigli offers up performance on the printed page in the form of text and image for CCQ Commission

An excerpt from Hedieh Ahmadi’s photobook about living and working in an artist’s studio for two years.

Writer Emily Watkins responds to the work of Nathan Coley

and The Royal Standard, which to mark its move to a new home across the city of Liverpool, offers eight of its artists the opportunity to populate this issue

You can order CCQ no12 via our shop page. Or you can hunt it down in various spendid galleries and book shops.