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Weekend after next, 4-6 August, brings once again to Braziers Park in Oxfordshire that fiercely independent and experimental festival of arts and music, SUPERNORMAL. The festival is highly regarded as one of the most exciting and uncompromising in the UK, always looking to the fringes and margins of the underground arts scenes for its programming. 

The festival's aim is to forge new networks between artists and artistic genres, seeking innovation, exploratoration and risk-taking in what has become known there as a 'temporary autonomous zone'. A non-profit sanctuary, a space for expression and new possibility, the festival evolved out of the countercultural lineage of Braziers Park itself, under the auspices of the Braziers International Artist Workshop. The alternative is to be celebrated and embraced, both living and learning; community, collaboration, partnerships and experimentation are at its heart.

Each year as well as bringing a programme mix of arts and music and everything between and around, SUPERNORMAL also initiates new commissions, which this year includes: the night-time illuminations of Kitty Finer; an investigative multidisciplined exploration of contemporary fextival culture, by Ruth Angel Edwards and SSSSS, the Supernormal Super Sensory Summer School Sanctuary, where festival goers can engage with the contruction and dressing of temporary shelters, creating an open experimental camp with an anechoic chamber, rain harvesting and collective activities...

The full line-up can be found at This magazine's favourites and recommendations include: Lone Taxidermist and her cake and food fetish mix of infernal disco, costume and make-up; the sound collage and sinister sensory-overload of R Elizabeth's synths and loops; the enthusiastic joyful clash of postpunk guitar-chiming and licks together with harmonising vocal delights of Sacred Paws; Death Pedals (the name says it all); the double drumming and thunderous assult of Cattle; the noise, gnarl and caw of Bruxa Maria; the sheer and cascading beauty that is Joanne Robertson; and the interloper interference of Intermission Man......

But what do we know. It's our first time going, there's a whole new wealth of things we know nothing of yet, and we're so excited we're going to burst.

(CCQ are very pleased to be doing a piece with Nathalie Sharp of Lone Taxiderist, so do look out for our next new issue, due our the end of September/October...)


(images: Lone Taxidermist, Lush Worker, Bruxa Maria)